Monday, March 27, 2006

Newspaper pickups

Apparently, so Dad says, the only thing that I've learnt to do is to bring in the paper in the mornings. We have this ritual you see: Dad & I go outside, there's usually 2 papers, he brings in one and I bring in the other. Sometimes we go outside and he just watches me to see what I'll do. I find this difficult because I pick up one paper, but then I can't pick up the second, so I drop the first one and pick up the second. That's fine, except then I have to drop off the second so I can pick up the first. This goes on for a while and Dad seems to think it's funny, and then he picks up the other paper and then everything's fine, we can go inside and have breakfast.
Anyway this morning, he takes me outside, and it's raining. Quite heavily, in fact, so I just waited in the carport to see what he would do. Well, he tried to get me to pick one up, but I knew he'll eventually get them because for some reason he brings them in and then spends ages just looking at them. Next day, the same thing. Talk about wierd. Anyway, I was right. I just stayed in the shelter and he picked them both up. I wouldn't let him go inside until he'd given me one, though.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

22 March 2006

Mummy is really proud of me. She told me that I had 'foiled' a robber. I heard something and I went up the passage and GRRRRRRRRRRed like mad and then I gave one big BARK. Mummy came up and we heard the gate close and there was no one about. I got a really big cuddle as I had been such a good dog.
Anyway, later I heard another noise and I did the same thing but it was only the lawn mower man. I think he was a bit cross at me so I had better be a bit careful in future.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sun 19 March

I have had such a busy weekend. Yesterday, Mum took me to the polling booth while she was giving out 'how to vote' cards. She told someone that I would probably bring in some votes. However, I got really bored and Dad had to come and get me because I was digging up the lawn. Anyway, I just got home and had a drink, then off again with Dad to the polling booth. It was a bit much really but eventually Mum came and got me.
I hardly got my breath and had tea when everyone started arriving. Luckily Mummy Jo and Bobby were there and the other people with that little dog, Lily. She was getting a lot of attention but I have all the moves with my size and my sweet face. This gives me the upper hand on most occasions.
During the night there was a lot of talk about another dog that is coming soon and she is going to be called Moet. I am a bit worried about this as I think she is going to be a golden dog like me. I just hope she doesn't have my charm and good looks, otherwise I am in trouble.
Anyway, Mum said we had a really good night as Labor won (whatever that means) and everyone was having a great time with all the champagne they drank.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Sat 11 March

I had another really exciting time last week. Mum and Dad play tennis every month at National Park and they always take me. Usually, Mum and Sue take me for a long walk around the park but last week they decided to do something different.
It was very hot and they took me to the lake in the park where the ducks live and they let me off the lead. What fun. I jumped into the lake and I was off, just like Thorpie, Mum told Sue. I decided that the tennis 'pack' would probably like a duck for lunch, so I did my best to catch one. However, those ducks are pretty smart and they can fly too, which is a bonus for them but a disadvantage for little old me (or big me).
Anyway I did my best and lucky for me I didn't get caught by the park ranger. Mum said if I had been caught I would have been be put in the 'slammer' (what ever that is) probably forever.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mon 6 March

Well, I had a good and bad week. I knew Mum and Dad were going somewhere when the CASES came out. However, I did have hopes that I was going too when I was told me to get in the car with the cases. My hopes were short lived as THEY dropped me off at the LOCKUP. I was put in a yard and they left which was a dirty trick really as they made me think I was going with them.
Anyway, on Monday Dad came and picked me up and took me home. There was no sight of Mum, so I assumed she had run off, which was a pity really as she gave me great food. We were home for about 5 minutes and then off again and I thought it was back to the LOCKUP. But, we went to Mummy Jo's and Bobby's house which was a welcome relief.
This is where the good bit starts. They took me on a new adventure. It was very hot weather and they thought I would love to go for a swim and I did. I found out I could swim really well and even in the deep water.
I am home again now and a bit tired after all the excitement but I will recover after a few feeds and a good sleep. PS. Mum is back too, so Dad must have found her somewhere.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Tues 7 Feb

Hello everyone,
I haven't been able to get on the computer for ages because my parents have been hogging it everyday. I had a really great day last Saturday. We went up to the airport at Strathalbyn and Daddy went up in this funny looking plane. It was shaped a bit like a bird. While he was up in the plane I was taken for a walk by Mum up this dusty road. I got a bit scared as it was a bit spooky so I took off back to the airport. Mum of course got cross but I didn't care and anyway she eventually got back.
Dad had landed by then thanks goodness and we then went to Ruth and Barrie's new house. I got a cat smell up my nose and ran around looking for it. Mum got cross again because I got into the house thru the doggy door and was running around trying to sniff out the cat. Mum said I was acting like a puppy and I got tied up which was really humiliating especially in front of Lily who is Ruth's dog and is always PERFECT.
Anyway it was a fun day and I was exhausted when I got home and excruciatingly hungry.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Thurs 15 December

Guess what! Mummy and Daddy actually took me to a party. It was with Dad's Wednesday tennis group and the party was near the airport where they play tennis. I was very excited about going and when I got there Mummy Jo and Bobby were there as well, which was great.
Most of the time it was really good but every now and again there was a very loud noise. Mummy told me not to worry because it was only the planes landing.
They had a BBQ and I know what they are and I got lots of treats but they stayed on for so long I got really tired. In the end it was really dark and I was a bit scared cause I couldn't find my family. Mummy said I should have stayed by her and not wondered off all the time and then find I was a bit lost.
Anyway it was fun and I slept all the way home in the car as I was so full and tired.